The Kabuto Effect

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The Kabuto Effect

The Kabuto Effect.  This is what I am calling the strange effect that waiting on a really nice rod to come in the mail has on a person.  For me, the really nice rod is made by Yasuyuki Kabuto, the extremely talented and well-respected fiberglass rod builder from Hokkaido, Japan.  I was blessed to win a contest on early this year and won my choice of rod from Kabuto.  After speaking by email with him, I was decided on a Kabuto 7643 (7’6″ 4-Weight 3-Piece).  I felt like this rod was something that I would get a lot of use out of fishing the small stream waters in northern Arizona.  The wait is killing me, but “Kab” (as he is known on the fiberglass rod forums) has whetted my appetite with some pictures of other rods, as well as updates of my own rod’s build process!  Enjoy!

The process of the “stacked Bamboo” reel seat:

写真 1 (1)



My cork is on the right:

写真 2 (1)

One of the white blanks is mine:

写真 3

Kabuto at work:


Some finished rod pics:

253490_225435087474126_4983197_n 写真 (17) 550600_509455692405396_1168848808_n

I can’t wait to cast this rod, but for now, I’ll keep dealing with the Kabuto effect….

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