Skinny Water Escapades

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Skinny Water Escapades

Early this week, I had a chance to get out of town.  I was thrilled to be invited by a local Christian school to attend their freshmen/sophomore “Man Camp” a couple of hours north of Phoenix for a few days.  I would be spending these days with approximately 160 high school guys.  Knowing the chaos and unceasing noise that would inevitably be involved, I decided to leave town early, hit up a small Arizona stream, and then meet up with them as the buses arrived.  In a stroke of luck, my parents happen to be at the family cabin, so my dad met me at the trailhead and we headed toward the head of the stream.

This sums up how I was feeling to be back on a stream!

This sums up how I was feeling to be back on a stream!

We passed by a bunch of good water in hopes of exploring the stream higher than we had before.  As you move higher on this stream, the water gets incredibly skinny and the trail much more difficult to follow.  Eventually we left the trail and hiked on toward the rim, enjoying the pristine little creek and dropping flies into the interspersed small plunge pools.  After missing a couple of small fish, I was able to pull this small beauty from an equally small pool…

The color on this fish was don't do it justice!

The color on this fish was incredible…pics don’t do it justice!

DSCN1811After we walked a bit higher, I came to a very small but deep plunge pool and held up for my dad.  You know how sometimes you just “feel” that a pool is holding a good fish?  Well, this was one of those times.  Dad dropped his bug in and it got sucked under the fall just before his line went tight.  This was an incredibly healthy and bright wild rainbow.  I know there are bigger fish, but watching my dad catch a fish like this out of a pool that small on skinny (I mean SKINNY!) water was awesome…

Smallstream Stud

Smallstream Stud

I had a chance to fish my Cabela’s CGt 5’9″ 3WT for the first time…it was such a blast…every fish was a fight!

Cabela's CGt

Cabela’s CGt

5'9" 3WT CGt with the LLBean Double L Reel

5’9″ 3WT CGt with the LLBean Double L Reel

At the very end, very near to the truck, I spotted a LARGE stocker rainbow (must have been one of the AZG&F “incentive” fish…I’d guess 18″+) in a pool with a couple of other good fish, but could only get a small companion of his to look…

Not exactly the one I was going for...but I'll take it!

Not exactly the one I was going for…but I’ll take it!

This was also the first chance I’ve had to try out my new Patagonia Stealth Atom sling pack…I’ll be doing a more robust review of it later, but I’ll say that so far, I love it.  Consistent with the other reviews, it made me cut down on what I take and only carry the essentials.  I also found myself not even remembering that I had it on….I honestly couldn’t feel it at all.  It will take some time to get used the un-clipping and swinging it around front when I need access, but that will come with time.  Check it out…

Just a teaser...the front of the shoulder strap has some great lashings for tippet and zingers...

Just a teaser…the front of the shoulder strap has some great lashings for tippet and zingers…

Get out and God Bless!

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